February 22, 2011

{The Goddess Bride} Part One: "The Emerging"

[excerpt from the upcoming book - The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Exposed the 'Princess Myth' for All Women]

29 July 1981
Lady Diana Spencer’s glorious emergence from her royal glass carriage on her wedding morning set in motion mythological conversations of a fairy tale bride…a heavenly vision…the return of the goddess. Her bridal beauty and magic elicited a spark that re-lit legends. There was indeed a light about her. Diana’s appeal went deeper than our fascination with feminine beauty, or with brides and weddings, or royalty and pageantry, or mysterious ancient rituals. It stirred something deep within—even if we were unaware of being affected—something mystical was afoot.

Did this young woman, who became a princess on her wedding day (and the ‘queen of hearts’ upon her death), indeed ignite a pathway for a consciousness shift of the heart...for an opening to spiritual partnerships for couples worldwide...for the return of the nurturing spirit of the goddess?

Did that bridal moment on the red-carpeted steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral—an impossibly exquisite sight veiled in the mystery of womanhood—nudge along the occurring paradigm shift where we see a flowering of feminine strength and influence? A time when all women embody the female essence of beauty, power, forgiveness and love.... ~

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