March 9, 2011

{The Goddess Bride} Part Three: "Brigit Returns"

[excerpt from the upcoming book - The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Exposed the 'Princess Myth' for All Women]

Even the origin of the word bride comes from the legend of the goddesses. In her book, The Ancient British Goddess, Kathy Jones tells us that in Celtic ancestral wisdom, Brigit—also known as Bride in its Gaelic form—is the maiden goddess of springtime. It makes perfect sense that an origin of our bridal traditions comes from the essence of spring: an abundant, life-giving time of renewal and beauty. I share stories in my book, The Bride’s Ritual Guide: Look Inside to Find Yourself, about Brigit/Bride as the goddess “who gave her name to a woman about to wed. Therefore, as a bride, you are the namesake of a goddess!”

In other folklore, Brigit became known as the White Swan author Kathy Jones tells us. Tales from all over Europe and Asia depict “swans flying in to land on lakes where they remove their feathers and become beautiful young women.” As they bathe, the maidens are spied upon by local, love-stuck lads who long to marry them. These charming old stories—where “Swan maidens and Princes are changed through love”—continue their magic into the present with this lyrical description of brides of today dressing in “fine, lacy, white Swan gowns with ballooning skirts which fluff up like Swan feathers, then veiling themselves like the Goddess Bride herself to reveal their beauty only to their Chosen One.”

Kathy Jones, who is a Priestess of Avalon, shares that “Bride is the original Goddess whom all human Bridegrooms honour when they marry human Brides.”  The influence of a legendary heritage realized! No other bridal image conjures up this Swan goddess vision—as a “sign of Brigit’s return”—than that of Lady Diana Spencer on her wedding morning in her shimmering bridal plumage! ~

[Other excerpts from "The Goddess Bride" chapter of The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride upcoming book can be found by clicking on "The Goddess Bride" in the Labels list below.]

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