April 3, 2011

{End of the Myth} Part Two: "The Charade"

[excerpt from the upcoming book - The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Exposed the 'Princess Myth' for All Women]

We are at the end of the fairy-tale bride. The end of the belief that a woman needs to be rescued and that a man’s job is to come to the rescue. Although we may continue to be enchanted by folktales of earlier times featuring, as David Cohen in Circle of Life calls, “marriageable maidens with exquisite desirability and mortal men with the chivalrous urge to protect their honor,” this damsel and knight archetype hardly serves the deeper desires of women and men for happy and fulfilling lives.

The fairy tale always ends at the “point of rescue,” notes author Dr. Caroline Myss in an article in the New Age Journal. “Indeed the shadow side of this fairy tale is that the woman is taken from one form of containment—her maiden palace—to yet another form of containment—the knight’s palace.” Buying into this damsel and knight notion or the fairy princess myth still imbedded in today’s culture usually results in a rather fractured fairy tale—limiting and disempowering for all involved.

In the royal “reality show” that began in the early 1980s starring Lady Diana Spencer and HRH Prince Charles, we got to see the damsel and knight illusion played out on a larger-than-life screen. All the elements were there for a great story: a dashing prince in uniform and a lovely demure heroine, a royal courtship, a grand wedding, a marriage of privilege, and beautiful healthy children. However, given that Diana and Charles, the two main characters in this real life drama, were not living their own truth—stuck in the paradox of their heritage and both searching for emotional grounding—their individual illusions clashed. The charade was quickly revealed under the searing spotlight of world attention as well as under the pressure of a new world order cracking open. A deeper truth demanded to un-conceal itself and be recognized as just that: what was real and what was the illusion. ~

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