July 1, 2011

{Diana's 50th Birthday}

Diana Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor would have been 50 years old today, July 1st, 2011, if she had lived. There are commemoratives happening in the press worldwide to honor and celebrate this complex, compelling life ... and wonder "What if?"

Here are a  few links to explore & enjoy. (And I'll keep you posted on the release date of my upcoming book, The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Rescued the Damsel in Distress {& Other Princess Myths Revealed} that reveals surprising things about Diana's legacy.)

Time magazine:
Happy Birthday, Princess Diana: 50 Rare Images of an Icon
People magazine:
Princess Diana Remembered at 50
High 50 - UK blog:
Diana at 50
Newsweek magazine:
Diana at 50 and Diana on Facebook

[Top photograph: Mario Testino]

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