October 9, 2011

{Duchess of Cambridge's Gown Apres the Wedding}

[from a report by Gordon Rayner in the Telegraph, 4 October 2011]

The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress has helped raise up to £10 million after it drew record crowds to Buckingham Palace this summer.

More than 600,000 people saw the bridal gown during the 10 weeks on which it was on display, far outstripping the previous record of 420,000 visitors, set in 1994.

Palace officials have not yet released a figure for the amount of money raised by the summer opening, which ended on Monday, but it would equate to £10.5m worth of sales at the full ticket price of £17.50. Millions more are likely to have been spent in official Palace gift shops.

Most of the money raised will go to the Royal Collection, which maintains the thousands of paintings and other treasures at the Royal palaces, but a slice of the money will go to charity, in accordance with the wishes of the Duchess.

When she gave permission for the dress to go on display, the Duchess made it clear that she wanted the gown to raise money for charity, and a proportion of the takings will go to the charitable foundation set up by the Duchess and her husband to receive wedding gifts.

Exact figures for visitor numbers and revenue will be released by the Palace at a later date.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Collection said: "We've enjoyed welcoming visitors from all over the world to Buckingham Palace in record numbers this summer. It has been an incredibly busy few months and we're delighted that it's been such a huge success."

Demand from the public was so high that the Palace's 19 State rooms and the wedding exhibition were opened for two weeks longer than in a normal year.

The Duchess's wedding dress will now be put into storage and is not expected to go on public display again for several years because of fears that its delicate lacework will be damaged by wear and tear.~

[Top Photograph: PA - Curator at Buckingham Palace]

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