December 30, 2011

{What's Next?}

 [This is the "Addendum" in my upcoming book, The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride, that I thought was an appropriate post to end a remarkably shapeshifter sort of a year...and to begin another with even more surprises to come. Enjoy...and stay tuned for news of the book's release!]

At the beginning of this book, I spoke of the significance of the year 2011 in the life and legacy of Princess Diana—and why I was moved to complete the book. In addition to it being the 30th anniversary year of the historic wedding that made her a princess, the year that would have been her 50th birthday, and the year her beloved oldest son, Prince William, married the remarkable Kate Middleton—this shapeshifting sort of year also held some far-reaching cosmic landmarks for people.

One such landmark related to a new discovery about the legendary Mayan calendar—a billions of years-old timeline of the evolution of consciousness. October 28, 2011 was the date that Dr. Carl Johan Calleman and other Mayan experts, reconfiguring this ancient almanac of sacred time, declared as the calendar’s actual last recorded day. Not December 21, 2012 as long thought. (Nor, as talking-heads have shouted for years, is it “the end of the world”—only the end of “old time.”) So when you read this, the day of new beginnings, the “new time” is already here! At this very moment, we are already inside what the wisdom of ancient shamans foretold: the new era of “developed consciousness.” What that means may be a bit fuzzy, but this is what it says to me: At this very moment, you are free of your past. The world is your co-creative playmate! So go and celebrate your life and do what lights you up—in the magic of this very moment, all there ever is or ever will be.

It is also the year that welcomed the “day of ones” on November 11, 2011: 11.11.11. Numerologists say that eleven is considered a “power number” and elevens together form a gateway of no obstructions, of open flow. So on the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour (Greenwich Mean Time) of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year, people worldwide came together for a moment of quiet awareness and simply paused—just to be in the moment. And in so doing, it became a moment of unity consciousness and your life was changed whether you participated or not. However, something shifted in your life and the world not because these numbers or dates essentially “mean” anything. (Paraphrasing transformational teacher Werner Erhard: Something happens—it is what it is—and then we make it mean something. Then we live our lives out of the “meaning” that we made up!) The world shifted on November 11, 2011, because of what the numbers had us notice: each other. It wasn’t about numbers, but about relationship…about where we put our attention. In the breath of a moment, we can feel connected to the world.

So these numbers and dates were perhaps just a vehicle to create an awareness of a new possibility; to bring people together in like consciousness to really see each other. It was an opportunity to look into the mirror of ourselves. And then again, maybe it was something else!

I add these 2011 notes to illuminate the mesage of this book: Every belief can be reframed with another meaning and every meaning has a different interpretation; ancient wisdom can affect the present, yet the present reinvents itself in the moment; every moment is a possibility of the discovery of something divine and the divinity is already inside you; nothing is completely what it seems and what it seems is simply a clue into its truth; there is nothing that holds you back from creating the life you love that your mind cannot re-imagine; all of life is a mystery of the heart and it takes an open heart to hear the message you were born to hear.

And the life of a beautiful princess—its shadows, its light; what we think we saw and heard and read and what we made up; or what mysteries happened a bit “beyond the veil”—is just the life of a beautiful princess. We made up the rest. The life can inspire us to open our hearts and be a compassionate force in the world or it can dazzle us ‘til we lose ourselves again. It’s what we do with our life that makes the difference. And you get to choose, this very moment. ~

[Stay tuned for news of the release of The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: Reframing Princess Diana's Legacy {Shattering the Princess Myth & Freeing the Damsel in Distress}]

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