April 29, 2012

{The First Anniversary}

["As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrate a year of marriage, Allison Pearson, writer for the UK's Telegraph, sees how the new 'Mrs Wales' has become part of the Firm." Excerpt below...click on title for the entire article.]

It's no surprise that in the course of her royal duties, from Canada to Catterick, Kate (or Catherine as we must learn to call her, though everyone forgets, even William) has shown the common touch. After all, until 20 minutes past 11 on that gladsome day, April 29 2011, she was a commoner herself. As the Archbishop of Canterbury pronounced William and Catherine man and wife, with the eyes of two billion people upon her, the 29-year-old daughter of former airline personnel from Bucklebury, Berkshire, joined an ancient, cantankerous institution that still runs according to rules that would make Queen Victoria feel at home.

The Duchess of Cambridge (terrible, frumpy title for a gazelle of a girl, but more of that later) has humanised and cheered up her new family simply by virtue of being herself. This is a royal who doesn't have to act normal, nice and straightforward because she is normal, nice and straightforward. If she shops in Reiss, Hobbs and LK Bennett, it's not a Marie Antoinette-does-the-high-street affectation; it's where she has always shopped. If she wears an outfit twice, and borrows a hat from her mother, that's what people do; and the trick of the new Wills'n'Kate monarchy, if they can pull it off, will be to remain royal while doing what people do. ~

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