November 22, 2012

{A Divine Destiny} Part One

[This is Part One of a two-part excerpt from "A World of Celebrity"... a section of my book-in-progress The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Rescued the Damsel in Distress.]

As experiences of archetypal personalities can do, living out her life on a world stage put the spotlight not only on Princess Diana’s “small self” (fearful and manipulative) and her “big Self” (intuitively aware and kind-hearted), but also on the weaknesses and strengths of all of us. And I believe the message of her life is about honoring our life by learning to love ourselves just the way we are and be willing to grow into the person that our wiser self knows we can become. Some call her life a sacrifice; I call it a divine destiny.

Astrologer Steffan G. Vanel, author of a book on Diana from 2005, stated in Oracle 20/20 magazine: “…there is no doubt that there was something archetypal in our collective experience of Diana, something involving a Princess, being royal, and thus something elevated or potentially attuned to higher spiritual forces, with divine feminine qualities.”

Nor is it an accident that Diana’s life came as signs pointed to the beginning of what’s known as the Aquarian Age; an age that is said to bring the feminine principle of relatedness and cooperation. “Or imbalance as humans,” Derek Lamar wrote, “is coming to a close as we begin to realize ‘Oneness.’ Princess Diana expresses the love, care, and nurturing aspects of true femaleness which mankind intuitively was attracted to, as a magnet has a force which pulls until there is contact (Oneness).” Diana’s life was to help us interpret these feminine energies so both women and men can then integrate them not only into our personal experience, but also into a harsh world in need of nurturing.

As the world is opening more and more to the feminine heart, it’s interesting to explore what ancient scholars meant by these astrologically named universal energies. In her studies of matriarchal societies, author Ellie Crystal wrote:

The Aquarian Age is meant to reconcile ancient dichotomies, to integrate male and female energies, and to coordinate heart and mind and right and left hemispheres of the brain. Wherever polarities exist, we have an opportunity to raise consciousness and find a higher perspective from which to view life—a more balanced position, if you will.

From what I understand, on this metaphysical level, it requires the feminine energies to take the lead in order to have an era of consciousness and light. Was that part of Princess Diana’s purpose—to help prepare the way? “Within the psyche,” spiritual author Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee writes, “the feminine carries the mystery hidden in the dance of creation. As much as she is a temptress, she is also a guide who, like Dante’s Beatrice, can lead a man to the secret places of the soul.”

Of course, as it can with an individual, both masculine and feminine energies can get out of balance on a broader scale with an entire cultural era becoming skewed. And “just as in our time line we see masculine force misused, evidence is that at a certain time in the past, woman over-reached her power,” Crystal explained. But thank goodness the pendulum swings and we’re in a cycle of civilization moving back toward fairness similar to “the last era of equality, [where] allegedly male and female powers were of equal importance.”

It may not feel like parity from where you are standing; there’s a great deal of turmoil out there. However, notice the key topics in today’s news: people’s health; the welfare and rights of women and children; quality of food and water; condition of the Earth; standing up for democracy—issues that spring from the nurturing aspect in us. “There is a reason that the Divine Feminine has awoken first upon the Earth,” explains teacher and natural healer Norma Gentile about current events. “She provides the context, reflection and container (Grail) into which the Sacred Masculine energies might safely fall. Without this container, the Sacred Masculine energies are more apt to be utilized in a linear ‘get it all done’ manner.” (Or in more day-to-day language: Left to their own “small self” devices, men may over-do, women may under-do, but working together with their “big Self” leading—being reflective, thoughtful, patient and creative—we are more apt to move toward peaceful resolution and equality.) ~

[This is Part One of a two-part excerpt from "A World of Celebrity"... a section of my book-in-progress, The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Rescued the Damsel in Distress. Part Two will be posted in a week or so!]


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