March 14, 2013

{Why Diana?} Part Three: "Called to Write"

Divided into three blog posts, this is part three of the Author's Note, "Why Diana?," from my new, upcoming book The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Rescued the Damsel in Distress.]

It was not until several years after she died that I first wrote about Diana, inspired by a New Age Journal article from early 1998 that I had saved: “Why We Can’t Let Princess Di Go” by Dr. Caroline Myss. My resulting short essay, “End of the Myth,” was for a book that never got published, Weddings of Grace: The Bride You Want to Be, the Woman You Become. The unpublished book’s collection of essays, however, became the foundation of an online magazine by the same name that I created and launched in 2006. That Diana essay became, in a much expanded version, part of a chapter in this book. In repurposing these writings, I was practicing something I deeply believe: that death or loss transforms into a multi-dimensional rebirth, becoming a new beginning of unimagined inspiration—if we are willing and open to be inspired. Whether the loss is a person or a tree or a pet or even a first book, its energy remains to encourage us along our path.

The first incarnation of this “Diana book” began in an animated scribble in 2007 on that same porch overlooking a small courtyard where I had read the news about Diana’s death a decade before. This time, enjoying a Sunday morning ritual of herbal tea along with the New York Times, I read author Caroline Weber’s review of The Diana Chronicles. Weber’s descriptions from Tina Brown’s biography, featured on the front page of the Sunday Book Review, simply popped as I read—the words forming a framework of inspiration. All my intuitive signals said this was a book I was to write. Here was a message for all women underneath the many stories in the life of this princess; I saw broader, deeper consequences of her legacy to tell. With that context in mind, I immediately started creating an outline based on Weber’s review and the quotations she used from Brown’s book. I was never drawn to read any of the multitudes of Diana biographies, even the ones that were said to be fair and well-researched. The tabloid-like presentation of her life gave the books a tawdry flavor, tainting them all for me, so I had stayed away. Yet once I filled a couple of notebook pages in only a few minutes that morning with ideas from just this brief book review, I thought it was time. So I walked across Peachtree Road to Barnes and Noble, joining millions around the world, and bought Tina Brown’s book! Now my Diana adventure began. But the adventure wasn’t really about Diana, it was about the journey of every woman and how this particularly unique iconic life brought heart-opening messages for us all. ~

[Divided into three blog posts, this is part three from the Author's Note, "Why Diana?," in my new, upcoming book The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride: How Princess Diana Rescued the Damsel in Distress. (For the other parts of this three-part post, click on "Why Diana?" in label list below.) I'm in the final editing stages of the book, so stay tuned for news!]

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