December 26, 2014


Wedding folklorist and costume historian Cornelia Powell’s insightful way of looking at the life of Princess Diana forms a captivating view into the world of brides and ceremony, fairy tales and princess myths. In For Better or Worse, How Princess Diana Rescued the Great White Wedding—this first volume of The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride—the author combines stories of bridal mythology, fashion history, goddess legends, royal ceremonies, and a bit of cosmic mystery with the life of the world’s most famous celebrity and ultimate princess bride.

Cornelia Powell has a singular perspective on Princess Diana’s influence on weddings and their complement of womanly rituals. On the gilded wave following Diana’s royal wedding in 1981—an occasion that reinvented an outdated bridal industry and brought weddings back into high-style—Powell created a store for the “new woman” emerging that decade…a design haven for this “grown-up bride.” And during the 1980s and ‘90s she worked with thousands of brides-to-be, watching the near-mystical allure of the white wedding gown do its magic. Her invitation to brides, don't settle for being a princess for a day, be a goddess for a lifetime, is the heart of this book. 

In this anthology of irresistible stories, Powell first brings together sparkling ingredients of “the great white wedding(Queen Victoria launched its first era and her great-great-great-grandson's shimmering bride, Princess Diana, revived it in the most memorable of ways nearly a hundred and fifty years later.) Deepening the narrative, the author then wraps it all in the heart-opening legacy of an archetypal princess who changed our notion of “happily ever after” and ended the myth of the fairy-tale bride. ~

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